Sunday, 13 February 2011

Quiche - Dairy, Wheat, Corn and soya free.

My youngest son LOVES this and it goes cold to school in his lunchbox. He dislikes the word "quiche" so we call it "Egg Pie"!!

Use the basic pie crust from here to make the case.
For a gluten free recipe use Juvela Harvest White mix, the pastry recipe on the back.

Blend 3 eggs and one carton of oatly cream, a little salt and pepper and pour into case.
Bake as usual!

Leave plain as above (the only way my son will eat it...) or add fillings of your choice - broccoli, ham sweetcorn and tuna.... anything your child likes and can eat.

Today I tried this with a variation on the filling. Half a sachet of coconut cream (Patak's) three eggs and some rice milk, blended up. Looked very authentic and creamy inside.

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