Sunday, 14 December 2014

Birthday Cakes!

Proving that free from allergens needn't mean free from taste or impressive presentation, our Facebook Group members have been bust catering for some Winter birthdays!

I am always quite humbled by the efforts mums go to to make sure their children's allergies and exclusion diets don't limit their experiences of special occasions. Every time I feel as if I can't be bothered, one look at cakes like these, sweets or special meals others are making amidst the normal busy lives they lead pulls me back on track!

Clearly the group's icing and decorating skills are extremely impressive! Perhaps we should start taking orders??!

Have you checked out our Facebook Page yet?


Check our the #freefrom "Frozen" birthday cake!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Pulsetta Breadcrumbs - a Review

Disclaimer - The Recipe Resource was sent a tub of Pulsetta breadcrumbs for the purpose of an independent review. The views expressed are entirely my own - or rather those of my fussy, hard to please taste-testers!

Pulsetta is a relatively new company, their mission statement says:-
Our Pulsetta mission is to provide naturally nutritious foods to be enjoyed by as many people as possible, including those wishing for a healthy alternative to other foods, with or without gluten. 
Pulsetta seeks to craft bake the best possible products without compromise on quality, and without adding anything artificial. We only use ingredients that are GMO free and ethically sourced.


"Pulsetta began as a kitchen experiment that grew into something much more. By using milled pulses (peas and lentils), rather than traditional flour, Pulsetta has a nutritional profile that is truly world-class amongst gluten-free foods. The health benefits of including peas and lentils means Pulsetta contributes towards your 5-a-day of fruit and vegetables!

Pulsetta is completely natural, with nothing artificial added. Pulsetta is nutritious, naturally packed with vitamins, minerals, vegetable protein and fibre. Yet Pulsetta is also free-from most major allergens, without gluten, milk, diary, or egg. This means Pulsetta can be enjoyed by vegetarians, vegans, and coeliacs. Pulsetta is an excellent choice for families, dieters, athletes, and anyone who wishes to follow a healthy lifestyle. With Pulsetta, free-from is only ever an advantage."

We really struggle to get sufficient protein into our daughter in particular, and breadcrumbs which add to both her veg intake AND her protein intake are a fabulous idea. You can replace breadcrumbs with Pulsetta breadcrumbs in so many dishes, as a crispy coating on fish, chicken nuggets, on top of shepherd's pie or vegetable pies.... the list is pretty long. We couldn't wait to try!!

Crumbed Cod Steaks

My boys love their fish, and really miss crumbed cod steaks. A couple of supermarkets now sell gluten free crumbed fish (e.g. Marks and Spencer) but it's not always easy to find. I have tried Hale and Hearty crumbs, which do work well, but are more powdery and less crispy. I also love the idea of a protein boost with added vegetables so was thrilled to have the opportunity to try Pulsetta breadcrumbs.

  • I cut the cod fillets into large pieces and brushed them with olive oil. (If your children can tolerate egg then beat an egg and coat the fish in egg first) 
  • Then I transferred the cod to a bowl with Pulsetta crumbs in to coat the fish. At first, I thought that insufficient crumbs had stuck, but once the fish was frying I realised I was wrong.

  • I pan fried the cod for 5-7 minutes until the crumb had turned golden, like the pieces on the left in this picture.

  • Serve with your choice of rice/new potatoes, mashed potatoes, chips and vegetables!

We all ate this meal, not just the children, and everyone spontaneously announced how much they loved the crumb. It was crispy, and really tasty. Definitely something we will be buying in future!

Result - A definite thumbs up, on several counts. Tasty, easy to cook with and offering new possibilities. Perhaps best of all a nutritious non-carbohydrate addition to the children's diet!

Further Information on Pulsetta Crumbs:-


  • 80g = 1 of your 5-a-day fruit & vegetable portions (peas & lentils) 
  • High in fibre
  • Sugar-free
  • Low in saturated fat. 


  • 'Best New Use of Food Ingredients Food Manufacturing Excellence Award 2014' Finalist, Food Manufacture. 
  • 'Foodservice Product of the Year Excellence Award 2014' Finalist, Scotland Food & Drink. 
  • 'Best New Foodservice Product Innovation Award 2014' Winner, Grampian Food Forum. 
  • 'Healthy Eating Excellence Award 2013' Winner, Scotland Food & Drink / NHS Health Scotland / Food Standards Agency (FSA). 
  • 'Profiting Through Research Excellence Award 2013' Winner, Scotland Food & Drink / Interface. 'Commitment to Healthy Eating Innovation Award 2013' Winner, Rowett Institute of Nutrition & Health.

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