Our Few Food Journey

Posts linked from here chronicle our few food exclusion diet, as we try to establish additional trigger foods for our daughter's gut symptoms.

After ten years of unresolved, unimproved reflux and with a known gut allergy process at play we are embarking on a few food diet with our daughter. I should point out that this has been suggested by an expert paediatric dietician and proposed after much consideration and discussion with our paediatric gastroenterologist. It's not something you should EVER do without professional support since it is potentially quite dangerous since the child's nutritional status is obviously at risk. It's also pretty hard to do without the child's full agreement if at all possible. Our daughter is desperate for improvement, her reflux is hugely life-affecting and she's losing adult teeth already. So.... I'm gritting my teeth and going with it.

Whilst I might have considered catering for an exclusion diet difficult before (3 actually, since 3 of my children are on 3 different exclusion diets...) this is a real step into the unknown. I've had some excellent meal suggestions from friends who are old hands at this - although most have the back up of a special formula, which we don't. I'm hoping this is a short term project and we can either rule out other foods as a reflux trigger or can find the one or two causing her problems.

Below are the Blog posts about our few food journey:-

Our Few Food Diet

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Socca Bread - Chickpea breakthrough! 

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