Friday, 16 October 2015

Quick, protein-rich Autumn supper

It's been kind of busy here over the past few weeks, not least because my eldest is about to turn 18! Apart from making me feel old, it's meant I've had to spend considerable time planning a menu for his party that all the family can enjoy.

Being short on time can be useful though, since necessity is the mother of invention! I was stuck for an quick and easy after school tea this week, and needed something that was free from dairy, soya, wheat, gluten and meat since my daughter has trouble chewing and swallowing meat - and absolutely refuses to budge on her "no fish" decision! Here's what I came up with :-

Basically it's lots of root vegetables, peas, chickpeas, pulses and brown rice protein simmered with stock and seasoning over a slow heat like a soup. Then I added gluten free couscous to absorb the excess water. To prevent the broccoli going soft I added it at the end.


You could serve this on rice, pasta or potato, or on its own since the couscous provides the necessary carbohydrate. It would work really well in a warm food container for school lunches too, and will freeze well.
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