Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Free From Easter eggs

With Easter just around the corner many people are asking for ideas for free from Easter treats.

There is a fantastic selection of gluten free easter eggs here which in many cases are also dairy and soya free. Remember most (but not all) people are fine with Soya Lecithin, it is a very highly purified oil and contains none of the protein to which most people react adversely.

Dairy free easter eggs re much easier to find than in past years, and children like the "Moo Free"

Many of the Hotel Chocolat chocolate is "free from", all are gluten free as far as I know (do check!) and all vegan ones are dairy free. Narrow your search and there is something for most people.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Great idea! Just like the "Pouched" pouches JoJoMaman Bebe are selling, these new refillable drink bottles are available in an increasing number of outlets as well as on the internet.

You could fill them with smoothies and save money buying the large cartons rather than the individual ones for school, or fill with your own purees.

These "Angry Birds" Pouches are from ebay but friends have found them on the High Street too.
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