Friday, 21 November 2014

Facebook Group Recipe Round-up

The members of our Facebook group are soon going to put me out of a job.... we've had some inspirational cooking with very few ingredients showcased on there this week.

Here a just a few of them!

Chicken Pop Corn Kebabs

  • Cooked chicken breast, cooked mashed sweet potato, dash of oil and a little water if needed. 
  • Bind all ingredients together in a bowl with maize meal (polenta). 
  • Season if allowed and then divide into balls and pop on a baking tray, keep checking and turning. (Not an exact science as to when done. Just check and check.)
  • Once crispy and firm take out. I bought cake pop sticks and put 3 on each (like a kebab). 
  • Eat hot and cold.

Gingerbread Reindeer

Using a slightly different recipe to mine - (from the Glutafin site) one member made her own gingerbread reindeer. It's really simple, you can read more here.

I love the glass cherries for the red noses!

Lollies - Coming Soon!!!

Last but not least, I take my hat off to the person who made lollies on sticks from sugar alone, and wrapped them to look like store bought lollies! A real treat. For children who can only eat homemade food, sometimes making something look less homemade is a treat. My Mum used to make most off my clothes when I was younger, and clothes with labels in generated a great deal of excitement!

Keep checking back/subscribe for more info on how to make these simple treats.

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