Sunday, 30 November 2014

Christmas Lollies!

So, following on from Emma Cawood's amazing efforts making single ingredient lollies... I decided these would be perfect for the twins' school bazaar next week. After much psyching myself up.... I set everything out and got started...


  • 2 cups white caster sugar
  • 2/3 cup light corn syrup - if you have this your lollies will stay fairly clear. I desperately wanted to source some, but so far no luck. After reading some excellent info here I decided to use Agave nectar instead. It worked fine, but the lollies were toffee coloured instead.
  • Lolly sticks
  • silicone baking sheet
  • sugar thermometer
  • non stick pan
  • bowl of cold water large enough to submerge lower half of the pan.

Tip:- Add flavouring if desired - mint or vanilla, but your lollies will darken unless you have clear flavouring! 

  • Heat the sugar and syrup in the pan and using a sugar thermometer heat and stir until it is boiling at 310F
  • Remove from the heat. Submerge the lower half of the pan in the cold water bowl for 10-15 seconds, keep swirling/stirring.
  • As it thickens up pour the liquid sugar on top of the lolly sticks in 1 inch circles. (If it spreads too much, it's still too hot)
  • Quickly add sprinkles etc before the surface cools!
NB lots of sprinkles contain major allergens. I used these which do have egg white and soya lecithin in. We are lucky and these are ok for us, soya protein would not have been.

I honestly don't think I have *ever* been so nervous about a recipe before. I had never made anything like this - but it was surprisingly easy and I will be far more confident next time! Clearing up took a while, perhaps because I knocked over the sprinkles.....

Clearing up Tips

  1. DON'T panic!!! You have't ruined your pan etc (unless and liquid sugar gets burned underneath.) as long as you have a large bowl of hot water to submerse the lower half in you an manage this really easily.
  2. Once you have poured your lollies, the remaining sugar will be hardening and impossible to remove from the pan. Heat gently until it starts to move again, and literally POUR it into the cold water. It will set immediately, and your pan will have so little left in that the rest will easily dissolve in hot soapy water!


  1. They look so pretty and would make lovely little treats, perhaps attached to the front of presents!

  2. Well done you, they look great :-)

  3. What a fantasticidea and a lovely little present for people :) X

  4. They look really great. I think they would make a nice little treat for kids , but I would make sure they brushed their teeth well after ;)

  5. they'd make a great gift for friends at christmas!

  6. I know my daughter would love to make these but I'm a bit nervous how hot the mixture needs to reach. Well done you for making them!

  7. These look brilliant and perfect for a Christmas fair.

  8. These sound amazing, you make them look so simple x

  9. What a really great job you did

  10. Would make a lovely inexpensive gift for class mates

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