Wednesday, 9 January 2013

NEW!! Facebook Chat/Support Group

As of this week there is now a new Facebook Group to supplement the Recipe Resource Blog.

Already there have been helpful discussions on recipes, alternatives and nutrition. We are parents, not professionals but can offer support and information/advice although you should always approach your health professional if you have an concerns about your child. Any recipe/food advice is given in good faith but please remember feeding your child is your responsibility and no liability can be taken for any adverse reactions/errors in advice etc. We are well intentioned though and a very friendly group!

It is a closed group so you need to request to join. All requests are checked by Admin to ensure others' safety and privacy. Posts within the group are not visible to other Facebook users but please remember this does not stop others cut and pasting your posts. You post at your own risk.

Now if I haven't scared you off, come and join us at Recipe Resource Chat/Support Group !

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