Friday, 18 January 2013

I LOVE Waitrose!

Can I just say how much I now love Waitrose, and how very very much I am enjoying having a massive branch of the store in our town.

A friend informed me about a company who sell free from sausages for children through the company, including the novel "Sqaushages" for children who struggle with the skins. Let's face it, kids with allergies invariably have other eating issues alongside and my children certainly do.


So, I logged into Waitrose and added as many of the varieties of "Good Little Company" Sausages that my local branch could sell me. Then I discovered that their free from range extends far beyond the (pretty good) selection Ocado currently offer. So definitely have a look! I know Waitrose isn't cheap, I had a few issues with their website too but I can honestly say I am genuinely excited anticipating our order on Monday!!

Oh and if you register for a "My Waitrose" card you qualify for a free hot drink of any type each week day. Can't be bad...

Of course, you could always buy some gluten free sausagemeat from our local butcher, we've done that too ;) but I think this company deserve a medal for being so inspired!

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