Thursday, 15 January 2015

Clearspring Organic Flat Noodles - 100% Rice

Just before Christmas the very lovely people at Clearspring Foods sent me a little "hamper" with some goodies in to try. This was entirely as a gift but since the products were new to me I thought readers might like to learn about them too.

Tried and tested

We love Clearspring, I reviewed their fruit purees here last year. The little pots are incredibly versatile, one of my children's favourite desserts is a pot of fruit puree with a sprinkling of crumble mix (I keep them a bag of this in the freezer ready) baked for a few minutes in the oven. (Because the pots are tinfoil, you don't have to transfer to another dish!)

But on to the noodles. 

I had a large box of vegetable stew in my fridge, my daughter struggles to chew and swallow meat and together with her allergies is almost Vegan - save for some baked egg occasionally. So I'm always looking for ways to add pulses, protein etc and bulk out her meals.

Clearspring organic rice noodles are 100% rice, nothing else. And brown rice at that - with makes them more filling and nutritious too. They are *so* easy to cook - just soak (not boil) in freshly boiled water for ten minutes. (That just gives you long enough to microwave the stew)

She was delighted with the result - as was I!

I haven't yet found a local stockist, but ordering online at Clearspring is easy enough. I've just placed an order for more!

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