Sunday, 3 August 2014

Pancakes on Holiday!

NB This is not a paid review, I discovered this product on holiday in Norfolk and tried it out - and was so impressed I decided to Blog about it.

On holiday in Norfolk we were running short of the usual "freefrom" breakfast cereal and my twelve year old suddenly announce he "needed" pancakes. Of course he did. But it got me thinking!

We holiday in Stiffkey - I cannot recommend it enough! What was *such* a wonderful discovery though was "Stiffkey Stores" a veritable treasure trove of lovely things, retro and classic novelties and the most wonderful selection of original books for children and adults.
And coffee. Did I mention the coffee?! And best of all for us, they stock quite an impressive selection of #freefrom foods. (Please bring back Nak'd Bars for next year though!)

So that was naturally our first port of call. But in fact it was in Holt on a day riding the Poppy Line that I discovered the Larners of Holt Foodhall.  What a wonderful place! Again, a refreshingly impressive selection of freefrom foods. So I stocked up! (slightly regretted that on the train journey home...) 

Obviously, with a child "needing" pancakes this was a priority. I had tried several before and had heard of the Hale and Hearty mix but had not previously managed to obtain it.

I bought the twin pack - perfect for experimenting and feeding several hungry children! First I tried it with rice milk - worked well (top) but needed about 50ml more than the suggested 200ml of milk.

Second I tried with coconut milk - and did not need to add the extra liquid. (bottom)

The Verdict

The kids loved both, but preferred the rice milk option. These worked as savoury or sweet pancakes, there is no sugar  unless you add your own. By FAR the best mix we have tried, but it contains egg - and I didn't try without/with replacer as we had limited resources on holiday.

I would love to hear your views on mixes you have tried - visit our Facebook Page or join our chat group and share your stories!

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  1. OOH having read this you have now made me really want pancakes x

  2. It is great to know what works and doesn't, especially as free from foods at expensive

  3. I love pancakes and sometimes out of plain laziness use the ready made one :) Looks like those are the next to try!

  4. Glad you managed to find something suitable and that it was nice!

  5. They look really tasty x

  6. I love visiting Holt, the foodhall there is amazing!

  7. My son loves pancakes also! Although mine are more like crepes. I do them with an old family recipe from a scratch. But mom's the real pancake wizard in the family :)

  8. What a great discovery - my godson has been diagnosed with food allergies so I've passed your link on to his mam as your sites just what she needs I think x x

  9. Pleased you managed to find something, they do look pretty amazing too! x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  10. Will have to try these! My little one loves pancakes

  11. Thank you ever so much for linking up. I love that something so small can make a big difference


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