Friday, 11 April 2014

"Free from" Sausage Rolls

With a boy who would live on sausage meat if he could, who detests sandwiches and would happily avoid eating lunch I have had to become inventive. This recipe has been the most successful by far for us, it's portable, freezable and so quick and easy to make.

I've learned a few tips and tricks along the way to make it easier too! If you cannot get Juvela Harvest Whits mix (we get it on prescription, it's soya free but requires and egg or egg replacer) then Genius have just brought out their own pastry range which would make these even quicker and easier to make!

These contain pork sausagement from a local butcher which is gluten free. I order in bulk as they prefer to sell it that way. Alternatively you could use gluten free sausages uncooked end-to-end.


1) First I make up the pastry as per instructions, and flour a silicone mat.

This has been a real revelation as it makes rolling the pastry so much easier! Free from pastry tends to be quite sticky, or else quite breakable.

To avoid the dryness use a soft margarine like "Pure" sunflower and to avoid the stickiness use flour and a silicone mat to roll up the sausage rolls.

All ready to roll

2) Cut a rectangle shape and put aside the excess pastry. 

It is better to cut it neatly before you add the sausage meat otherwise you cannot reuse cut offs as they will have touched the sausage meat. I often find I can re-roll and make smaller ones out of the leftover sausage meat or you can freeze the off cuts and add to them next time.

(I nearly always make our "quiche" when I am making these too or use any frozen pastry to press into a flan dish and make a fruit pie.)

3) Lie the sausage meat across the end, (or raw sausages if you are using those). 

I make these nice and chunky and send one in for my son's packed lunch. His older brother sometimes as the same (he is gluten free only) and will eat two small cold ones for lunch or a larger one for a hot meal with rice and veg. It's a versatile meal option!

4) Use the silicone mat to roll up the sausage roll. 

This avoids stickiness. If your pastry isn't sticking together add a small smear of water - or leave it as it will stick once cooked. It also makes it a million times easier to make the perfect sausage roll shape!

5) Finish rolling and cut into the sizes you require.

Place on a baking tray lined with tinfoil and cook at 190C or 170C fan for 30-35 mins.
Sausagemeat needs to be cooked at 180C for longer than 25 minutes due to concern about a bacterium which would otherwise not be killed.

Allow to cool before moving!

6) The finished result - enjoy!


  1. There is nothing better than a home made sausage roll x

  2. I haven't seen the ready-roll gluten free pastry in the shops. That could be very handy as I have to make gluten free lunches for a local group.

  3. This looks great. We use Pure for everything and no one seems to notice the lack of butter!

  4. It is great that more 'Free from' alternatives are available in the shops now.

  5. Fantastic. I love that you can get ready made gluten free in the shops now

  6. These look great and thank you for the tip about the silicone mat - I need one of those!

  7. Yummy! I I just read a recipe for pork sausage rolls that have fennel seeds in them too - you have no idea how much I'm hankering sausage rolls now!

  8. These look delicious. I love sausage rolls but hardly ever make them myself. You have inspired me to have a go!

  9. Baby is the same, won't eat sandwiches and would live on sausages. These look great x

  10. These sound lovely. Sausage rolls are one of my favs! x

  11. I don't blame him for loving sausage rolls - they're so good! Have never made my own though >_<

  12. This is something totally new to me, I have never eaten a sausage roll in my life. But it looks really delicious and easy to make, thank you for sharing.

  13. That silicone mat looks brilliant. Especially if you can roll pastry in it without cracking.

  14. I would use veggie sausages but that looks great - love that rolling mat!

  15. I like Nichola would use veggie sausages but a good reminder to make things from scratch! x


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