Thursday, 24 October 2013

Our first Guest Post!


In a moment of frustration in 2012, I totted up how many hours a week I was spending trying to get food for my sons – I was going round 3 supermarkets, a health food shop and searching for things online every week!

I discovered I spent 3 times longer than my friends and spent twice as much money! I didn’t dare tot up the hours I was spending baking foods that I couldn’t find in the shops!

Having children with food allergies and gut problems is hard enough and I felt strongly that parents shouldn’t have to struggle to find safe foods and that children shouldn’t have to go without food that ‘looked’ like their friends food.

Our Aim:-
We launched Freefromforkids with this aim in mind and we have been adding at least 2 products a month since it launched. We hope that in time there will be something for every diet and for every occasion.

This year we entered the Foods You Can Peoples Choice Awards and we were thrilled to win 1st place in the Small Online Freefrom Food Supermarket category!

We have received some lovely feedback, particularly in the run up to Christmas, with many families telling us that this year will be the first time their child has had an advent calendar or a chocolate santa. Even if we can only help a few families like our own, then all the hard work will have been worthwhile!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last year!
Suzanne (Freefromforkids)

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