Monday, 20 May 2013

"Foods, Moods and Isms" Living the Eosinophilic Life

From Amazon:-

"Foods, Moods & Isms: Living the Eosinophilic Life is the second book in a memoir series. Foods, Moods & Isms details the emotional, humorous, and often profoundly insightful journey of an everyday family raising a child with eosinophilic esophagitis, or EoE. This is a book about grocery stores full of food and tables full of empty plates.

This is a book about being hungry for more than just a meal. This is a book about life with Ewan—a boy who sees life from a unique perspective and says all the things we never knew we needed to hear. 

Alicia Hart, author of Brains, Trains & Video Games: Living The Autism Life, is a wife, mother, and advocate for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder. She has worked for various autism related agencies, early intervention programs, and universities, and has consulted with schools, hospitals, and other programs regarding autism spectrum disorders, eosinophilic disorders, feeding aversions, and augmentative and alternative communication. Alicia continues to write and has planned a series of books. The next book, Synaptic Spaces: Living In-Between will be the last book in the memoir series. You may find out more on Facebook at The Autism Life or at Alicia Hart—Author. There is also a Facebook fan page at Brains, Trains & Video Games and at Foods, Moods & Isms."

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