Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fabulous Flapjack update!!!!

Since my daughter was required to be gluten free,  on top of the dairy, soya and wheat restriction, we have struggled to find a way of making flapjacks which look "right" and hold together. After months of trials (with very willing taste testers!!) my wonderful mother (who used to teach Domestic Science and is a wonderful cook) has DONE IT!!!

We have adapted the recipe here for Zizzit's Flapjacks for coeliacs and gluten free diets. The method is pretty much the same, melt the sugar and syrup, stir in the dry ingredients etc, but the ingredient ratios and content has changed slightly as follows:-

6 oz demerera sugar
2 dessert spoons of golden syrup
8 oz margarine (we found half Pure marge and half Stork block work best but this is not essential)
12 oz gluten free oats
2 desert spoons gluten free flour
Plus we added some raisins and chopped apricots - optional but delicious!

Genius. Here's the proof....

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