Saturday, 17 November 2012

Update on the VEGG

OK, I've (finally) been experimenting. I have finally completed a full range of recipe tests with the VEGG and here are my results:-

As an egg replacer in a cake recipe - makes for a soggier mixture. I mixed up the VEGG mixture and added the equivalent weight to the mixture. A regular sponge cake would expect 4oz of sugar, 4oz of flour and 4oz or 2 whole eggs. (The weight equivalent was something I was rather slow to realise!!)

I think 3oz of VEGG mixture would have done. It rose well, tasted fine but was a little dense and wet.

As a quiche filling - Epic fail. Sorry VEGG makers but it looks awful, didn't set until 24 hrs later in the fridge and even I - who can quite happily try almost anything - struggled to taste it. Not good. Now I suspect if I wasn't making a plain quiche it might be considerably better, but my fussy kids won't entertain anything in the mixture so it probably wasn't an entirely fair test. All went in the bin though...

As "Eggy Bread" - very successful, I do recommend this one. Soak bread in the VEGG mixture and then fry. Worked a treat.

As scrambled egg - Hmmmm not convinced. It  goes a little "seaweed like" in texture/appearance. Can't explain it but the appearance put us off. Try it an see!

More info and advice from the VEGG peeps themselves here. I think you might see what I mean about the "seaweed" in the picture on their site!


  1. Hi,
    The Vegg is not designed to replace whole eggs yet, just the yolk. Most recipes add tofu or other ingredients to make up for the loss of egg white.

    I think you would rave over the Vegg scramble on page 11 of The Vegg Cookbook. If you (The Recipe resource) would like a copy please email me at

  2. Thanks Rocky - really helpful. I will check out the Vegg Scramble and update on here for readers!


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