Thursday, 25 October 2012

MEWS free bread on prescription

Some GP practices will prescribe gluten free products for those on medical exclusion diets other than exclusively for coeliac disease patients. Because EGID is a similar process to coeliac disease (only triggered by many foods and environmental allergens rather than just gluten) and can be diagnosed conclusively by biopsy in most our PCT have prescribed gluten free products for the twins for a couple of years.

Recently however we have had to reduce our egg intake, AND NHS Suffolk have dramatically reduced their prescribable products list and no longer offer the full Coeliac Society list they used to support. This left us high and dry since many of their currently endorsed products contain milk and or soya. None of the pastas now available are suitable, all contain soya flour for example.

We had to do the research ourselves and discovered Juvela Harvest White was the best solution. It's an excellent MEWS free flour mix which I prefer to make in to rolls, the loaves are ok when fresh but not great afterwards. Rolls need freezing if not being eaten within 24 hours and need a little freshening up before eating after defrosting. This does mean they don't work for school packed lunches unless fresh, but I have now got it down to a fine art and make half a box every other day. Labour intensive... but it works and both twins will eat them!

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