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The Recipe Resource began as just that, a resource of recipes. But over the years I have wanted to share information I have learned  - which is readily available on the internet, from Doctors and other health professionals  but not always easy to find in one place. Not all of it will be relevant to you or your family, and there will inevitably be a healthy dose of subjective opinion in the posts below.

Why I set up the Recipe Resource

Information Pieces:-

Going Dairy Free

Milk Alternatives after Infancy           

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Gluten

Travelling with Food Allergies

"About Me" Health sheet for you to print

Eosinophil Awareness Week 2014

Explaining Food Allergies to Children

Coeliac Disease and EGID

Meeting to Discuss Allergy NASG/POST

info on Mast Cell Stabilisers

Information on Milk Protein Allergy

EGID explained by someone else
and EGID video for children

ePetition to Raise Awareness

Food and Meal Information Posts:-

"About Me" Customise an info sheet for school

Allergies in School - Top Tips for Teachers

Four Week FreeFrom Meal Planner for Kids

Shopping list for a MEWS free diet

Gluten free conversion chart

Egg substitution Chart & info on The Vegg

Puree Pouches - make your own!

Packed Lunches and Lunch Boxes


Pizza & Eating Out

Fun in the Sun

Clay Dough - wheat and Gluten free modelling dough

Opinion Pieces:-

No more Mr NICE Guy

FreeFrom Foods are NOT a Lifestyle Choice

Gut Allergies - and why we NEED awareness and understanding

The "Free From" Industry Exposed


Allergies, Intolerances and Autoimmune Diseases

Constipation, Motility (and Movicol)

Healthy Eating?

Alpro Soya - Nut-Gate

and not forgetting...

Our Facebook Support group.


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