Sunday, 24 November 2013

Vote for FABED!

You will have noticed I often link to FABED, a wonderful charity supporting families affected by Eosinophilic Disease. Like many emergent diseases, the general public, education professionals and even health professionals often struggle to get to grips with understanding the implications of this disease on sufferers and families.

FABED does a wonderful job trying to get the word out, providing information on their website and support via their online support groups.But they could do so much more - which is where YOU come in.

Ignoring the obviously HUGELY ironic fact that the company offering financial support would not be producing food or drink that anyone suffering with EGID could enjoy, Galaxy Hot Chocolate are offering support for charities / local community projects through their Galaxy Hot Chocolate Fund.

£300 might not sound a lot of money, but to small charities and local projects it can make a significant difference. £300 would enable FABED to produce leaflets to raise awareness in schools, and thus improve the lives of sufferers. I know I would dearly love to get my hands one to help explain the daily struggle my children face battling this disease.

Please consider following this link to vote for FABED All you need to do is click "Vote" and confirm your email.

Thank you.

I bet you never thought you would see a Galaxy Hot Chocolate jar on the Recipe Resource?!

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